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Our #1 goal is to help you master success & uncover the incredible talent that is hidden within you.

Are you new to making cash online? Do you need someone to show you were to discover hidden treasure on the internet? Do you know who to trust? Have you failed at MLM or been scammed by misleading advertising?

You could use a friend.

You can trust our world-class experts who are waiting to guide you in "What Works Today" From a staff actually
"Doing It Today"

Look at these statistics:

1) 8 out of 10 new businesses fail within the first 5 years.

2) In America - the world's wealthiest country, with more opportunities than anywhere else - 95% of people are broke at age 65.

American Thunder can & will help you.

Whether you're a complete beginner or a weathered hand in the game, there's something for you on this website. We have jammed packed years of experience, wisdom, tips, tools,free resources, contacts, Powerful secrets, down-n-dirty coaching, techniques for turning small businesses into big paychecks. We hold nothing back.

Help yourself to the free downloads (that's what they're there for!) read articles with inspiration, powerful techniques, free ebooks, free software,humor, recipes and
much more.. We are even putting together a bookstore. In just a few hours you could start earning you a comfortable income...FREE. Why aren't You making *Money* with us now?
You have Nothing to Lose, and Everything to Gain!

Anything is possible if you have the drive to make it happen and a mentor to show you how to do it.Let us be your mentor, your internet coach, sign up right now for our new ezine: The Gold Rush Gazette.

My name is neil locke and I am the CEO of American Thunder.
If you've read this far I am willing to take a chance and give you the keys to my office.

Inside you will find my bookshelf where I keep just the books I am reading right now. On my desk is my valuable rolodex, loaded with freinds, associates, business partners,
joint ventures, and every single resource we will ever need to make a living off of the internet. Go ahead call upon any of them... My friends are now your friends also.

Anything in my office is yours for the asking. All I ask in return is don't be just a collector - absorb the sound advice offered - then act on it. You can stay a reader, or become a real player in this exciting global business. And you can play to win. Your pc and modem, plus our products sitting on your desktop, make a virtual office from which you can harvest the rewards of business on the internet. Success isn't just for the big players; a computer gives YOU the power to compete in the world-wide marketplace. And we aim to make it easy for you to get a piece of the action!

You might have noticed a bible on my desk next to the rolodex. I am always studying my bible, and many times I am praying. Part of my office is devoted to my church. Feel free to browse everything If we intend to be business partners.

Oh yeah, I am constantly adding new names to my rolodex, replacing the books on my bookshelf with new ones, and trying out new software (which I will make available to you), so don't forget to bookmark us! (Hold down 'Ctrl' and press 'd'.)

If you have a friend that could use my kind of help send them my way. My door is always open for those in need.

Sign up for our breakthrough ezine while it is still free and pass it along to someone who needs it. We are in this thing together, let's not waste our lives!

Neil Locke.

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The computer industry is rapidly changing and encompasses a wide range of products and services. Operating a business on the internet can be impossible unless you have a friend who has been there, and done that. Today, I am your friend!

You can feel free to email me anytime. I know the school of hard knocks personally, and I am now ready to guide you through the toughest areas. Just knowing that I am there for you to call upon can make a huge difference in whether you succeed or fail on the internet.

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